About Aqua Metro - Aqua Metro Pty Ltd
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About Aqua Metro

Aqua Metro

Who we are

AquaMetro is a proudly Australian Owned Enterprise with world-class capabilities, entirely focused on servicing the Australian Water Industry. Our absolute commitment to people, community and the environment is combined with a lean, flexible structure ensuring that we can provide an efficient and effective response to every client’s needs.

Our Headquarters are based in Keysborough, Victoria, however, we also operate from other depot bases.

Aqua Metro Offices


Every business, irrespective of its nature, influences the world we live in. To Aqua Metro, being responsible means being honest in our approach towards business, having a commitment to zero harm in our approach to health and safety, invest heavily in the training and development of our people, rethink the way we operate in our approach towards sustainability and having a positive impact on the communities in which we work and the wider society in general.

Corporate responsibility ISO 20400, is integrated in our business model providing us with a strong focus on minimising environmental impact and driving positive social change.

We are leading the way in Diversity, Inclusion & Social Procurement delivering several initiatives that are unprecedented in the Victorian Water Industry.

  1. The Aqua Metro team is totally multi-cultural, consisting of people from up to 12 diverse cultures.
  2. 50% of our engineering staff are women
  3. We have a well-balanced leadership team with 50% women from diverse cultures
  4. We support candidates from refugee and migrant programs
  5. With the support of Melbourne Water, we have participated in a unique initiative for establishing an 100% owned Indigenous business. The Indigenous company is anticipated to provide a safe, more trusting environment to bring young Victorian indigenous graduates through the system and – as part of our long-term initiative – hopefully put them through college to give them a future in their chosen discipline with the construction industry, whether that’s civil, engineering or mechanical.
  6. We support our employees in their endeavours for further education, training and upskilling.
  7. Our procurement policy has an emphasis on supporting local businesses
  8. We work closely with our clients and suppliers to ensure our products and services are value-adding, sustainable and industry leading. minimum environmental impact.
“Every organisation, regardless of scope, has the power to make a difference in the world around it.”

Marcus Wade, Director, Aqua Metro.

Health and Safety

Aqua Metro has a Zero Harm Policy, everyone safe everyday. We have an exemplary Safety Record as a result of our generative safety culture, safety training and forums, toolbox meetings and investment in our safety ethos.


The outcomes of climate change are undeniable, inducing us to revolutionise the way we construct infrastructure for the future. We make every effort to minimise the negative impact of our operations on the environment for future generations. We recognise our obligation to reduce carbon emissions and recycle as much as possible. We also implement measures to minimise noise and dust pollution on all our projects.

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