Aqua Metro puts the principles of sustainability into practice – harnessing resource-efficient technologies, encouraging employee education and supporting the community.

Health & Safety

Aqua Metro understands the importance and complexity of health and safety issues and applies stringent and uncompromising quality and occupational health and safety systems and controls across all of our projects.

The safety and wellbeing of our people, those we work with and the wider community is of paramount importance.

We have adopted a consistent set of values, which promote health and safety as an integral part of the Aqua Metro Management System. Safe working practices and procedures ensure that health and safety practices are fully considered in all aspects of our operations.


We strive to make responsible environmental management part of the everyday culture for all Aqua Metro employees.


Aqua Metro takes responsibility when it comes to achieving a balance between our operations and the wellbeing of our neighbours.

We recognise the importance of building strong relationships with the communities in which we operate and understand that each community is unique. We are committed to being an active member of the community through our involvement in social, recreational, wellbeing, charitable and cultural initiatives.