Cocoroc Township Landscape Works - WTP - Aqua Metro Pty Ltd
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Cocoroc Township Landscape Works – WTP

Cocoroc Township Landscape Works – WTP

Small Scale Capital Program


Melbourne Water


Western Treatment Plant

Key Sector

Water and Sewer

Contract Type



9 months

Key Facts

  • Current uses of the Cocoroc Township include
  • Heritage tours
  • Use as a filming location for television shows and movies
  • Art Exhibitions
  • The education and vistor precinct at Cocoroc will become the main visitor and education centre for approximately 7,000 to 10,000 visitors.
  • The area will need to regularly cater for a range of age groups and levels of mobility, with visitors ranging from grade 3 children through to seniors community groups. Tour group sizes vary from 15 through to 90 visitors at any one time, and WTP open days can see up to 500 visitors on site


  • MWC Objectives of the project :
  • Create innovative play, learning and interpretive spaces within Cocoroc by reusing existing onsite materials (e.g. large diameter sewerage pipes, etc.) to maximise sustainable resource use and cost savings.
  • Create versatile and flexible outdoor spaces that support a range of activities for different user groups, such as primary school children, high school and tertiary students, and mobility impaired seniors groups.
  • Shape a wayfinding approach that considers the delicate interplay between the site’s past, present and future. Avoid trite or ‘plonk’ elements as spatial definers.
  • Create a world renowned learning destination that is superior in its capacity to support a range of users in the technology age. Support the revival of Cocoroc as the cultural intellectual, and working heart of WTP.

Scope of Service

  • Earthworks required to create a wetland within the premises
  • Install a Stormwater Drainage System
  • Connect stormwater drainage system to the Wetland
  • Install paved footpaths around the facility and MOS pipe
  • Construction of feature wall at the Cocoroc Precinct entrance
  • Upgrade existing grounds to create a safe environment for school tours
  • Planting of shrubs and trees within the premises
  • Seating arrangement for visitors


  • Hazards to people, property during construction and commissioning were identified and managed.
  • Safety in design risk assessment was carried out in conjunction with MWC.


  • Works were carried out with controls in place to ensure no hazardous liquid could not enter stormwater system on site.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • All works were carried out in coordination with Operations team at Western Treatment Plant. External Stakeholders – MPH Agriculture.