F10121 Charging Stations - Aqua Metro Pty Ltd
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F10121 Charging Stations

F10121 Charging Stations


Melbourne Water


Winneke, ETP, WTP, SERO sites, Melbourne

Key Sector

Water and Sewer

Contract Type

Design & Construction


Staged over 24 months

Key Facts

  • Design, supply, installation and commissioning of electric vehicle charging stations at key Melbourne Water locations, the Eastern Treatment Plant, Winneke, Brooklyn, Western Treatment Plant and Sero sites.


In line with Melbourne Water’s commitment to the environment the Board have approved the progressive procurement of a number of electrical motor driven pool vehicles for employee use. To ensure safe operation and take up of this initiative it is necessary to provide the infrastructure required to ensure car batteries are charged in order to maximise their use. The project will ensure charging stations are fitted across the major sites frequented by Melbourne Water staff and ensure adequate charging for the cars when parked at these sites.

Scope of Service

Scope of Work

Stage 1 of the project included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following:

  • In ground infrastructure only to accommodate future four vehicle charger system at Eastern Treatment Plant Main Plant Car Park
  • Complete installation of charger system for two vehicles with expansion capabilities for an additional two vehicles at MWC’s sites –
  1. Brooklyn Pump station,
  2. South East Regional Office,
  3. Winneke Treatment Plant
  4. Western Treatment Plant
  5. South East Regional Office


Stage 2 of the project included the design, supply, installation and commissioning of the following:

  • Eastern Treatment Plant Main Plant Car Park – Installation of a complete charger system
  • Western Treatment Plant new offices – Installation of an additional charger system
  • Winneke Treatment Plant – Installation of an additional charger system

The works also include:

  • Review of the Electric Vehicle Charging Station Concept Design.
  • Supply and installation of dual charger station.
  • Modification as necessary of the selected source of supply to provide the appropriate protective / isolation device. This included installation of the protective device and local labelling.
  • Provision of adequately rated power supply cabling from nominated source point to charger.
  • All cable ducting and ladder as required to facilitate the installation of power supply cabling.
  • Update of existing drawings and production of new as necessary to reflect the completed installation.
  • All civil works including trenching, cable ducts and making good to surface as required to facilitate the works.
  • Road marking of the bays.
  • Signage at the bays.
  • Concrete Plinth for charger pillar.
  • Safety review of proposed location to determine optimum parking position.
  • Provision of localised lighting as necessary to facilitate charger use.
  • The pillar shall be fitted with the circuit breakers; RCD’s and under voltage detection protective devices as per the manufacturers recommended wiring instructions.


  • Outstanding safety record on the project.
  • AMS and site operations collaboration with a best for project approach working through COVID, site access and power supply location.
  • All systems working well after installation and commissioning. (No vehicles were left uncharged in these remote areas)
  • Stage 2 works allowed for vehicles with different plug connections to be charged.