Linda Crescent MD Upgrade - Aqua Metro Pty Ltd
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Linda Crescent MD Upgrade

Linda Crescent Main Drain

Small Scale Capital Program


Melbourne Water


Linda Cres, Boroondara

Key Sector


Contract Type

Design and Construction


4 Months
Feb 2020 to May 2020

Key Facts

  • The Linda Crescent Main Drain is located under the busy Glenferrie Road in Melbourne. The Manhole is at a busy intersection adjacent to tram tracks.
  • The condition assessment report showed the Linda Crescent drain including manholes showed significant deterioration with concrete spalling, delamination, reinforcement corrosion and cracking of walls.
  • Benefits of Geokrete for this project – Remaining service life of the existing drain was taken into consideration while designing the thickness of Geokrete lining, Addresses voids/ cracks before and during installation process. Fully Structural Trenchless Liner achieved, small footprint was helpful due to location of this work is at a busy intersection on Glenferrie Road technology is unaffected by size, shape and direction changes.


Further investigation and structural analysis was carried out and the winner of the multi-criteria assessment done on the available methods of rehabilitation was the “Geokrete lining system”.

Scope of Service

The key works required under this project comprised of:

  1. Further investigations required for scoping of works and designing the solution.
  2. Detailed design, construction methodology, scheduling.
  3. Strengthening of the deck, repair and reinforcement of walls, new access manhole.
  4. Decommission existing manhole; reinstate carriageway.
  5. Stakeholder engagement.
  6. Obtaining permits and permissions to access; traffic management.


  • Site specific Work pack created.
  • Toolbox meetings held every day and SWMS followed strictly for all activities of work.
  • SWMS created for nightworks, manhole inspections, Yarra Trams, Junction Chambers.
  • Procedures followed for Confined Space Entry.


  • Environmental Management Plan implemented to prevent sediment laden water from entering waterways or stormwater drains.
  • Suitable controls implemented to prevent dust leaving worksite.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Key Stakeholders were Boroondada City Council, Vic Roads, Yarra Trams and Melbourne Water.
  • Liaison with all stakeholders for seamless delivery.