Police Rd RB Upgrade - Aqua Metro Pty Ltd
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Police Rd RB Upgrade

Police Rd RB Upgrade

Small Scale Capital Program

Police Rd RB Upgrade


Melbourne Water


Illawarra Avenue, Rowville

Key Sector

Retarding Basin

Contract Type



4 Months
Jan 2019 to April 2019

Key Facts

  • Retarding Basin was originally constructed in 1970.
  • Upgrading was required to the Energy dissipator, Upper Spillway Embankments, Inlet Drains and the existing Levee.


The primary driver for this project is compliance with ANCOLD which provides guidance and the tools necessary to undertake RB safety management. Works consisted of upgrades to the Retarding Basin to ensure efficient function of the asset.

Scope of Service

The Scope of Work includes to improve the existing conditions of the Retarding Basin.

The key works required under this project comprised of:

  1. Replace the old gabion dissipator with new concrete energy dissipator.
  2. Extension of the reno mattress on the spillway abutments to protect against scouring during flood events.
  3. Fixing the depressions and relevelling the crest of the levee.
  4. Construction of rock lining structure that connects concrete energy dissipator with the creek.
  5. Extensive repairs to the damaged existing gabion baskets and reno mattresses.
  6. Construction of new rockwork and handrail around u/s erosion and scouring around 1500mm inlet structure.


  • Site specific Work pack created.
  • Toolbox meetings held every day and SWMS followed strictly for all activities of work.
  • In order to construct the new energy dissipator and rock chute, construction of a temporary creek crossing was required.


  • Environmental Management Plan implemented to prevent sediment laden water from entering waterways or stormwater drains.
  • Suitable controls implemented to prevent dust leaving worksite.

Stakeholder Engagement

  • Liaison with council and local residents for seamless delivery.
  • Work was carried out during normal working hours to minimize the impact on the public.
  • Project was divided in various stages to ensure public access can be maintained for majority of the project.
Police Rd RB Upgrade - Base Preparation
Base Preparation
Police Rd RB Upgrade - Dissipator wall construction
Dissipator wall construction
Police Rd RB Upgrade - Rock Chute construction
Rock Chute construction