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Ringwood RB Upgrade

Small Scale Capital Program


Melbourne Water



Key Sector

Water & Sewer

Contract Type



24 Months

Ringwood RB Upgrade

Small Scale Capital Program

Key Facts

  • Implementation of the Water Network Revenue Meter Upgrade Program comprising the upgrade of fifteen flow meters across the Melbourne metropolitan water supply network.
  • Size of Flowmeters and associated pipework – 900mm to 1800mm.
  • The purpose of this project is to improve the accuracy of revenue-relevant water flowmeters with higher-order accuracy electromagnetic (mag-flow) meters.


Melbourne Water operates flow meters on water supply mains which provide data for billing (revenue) purposes. In the majority of instances, these flowmeters are used to measure water sold by Melbourne Water to the Retailers, but a number of flow meters owned and operated by Melbourne Water are also used to measure water sold between the Retailers.

The benefit of the billing flowmeters upgrade program was greater assurance to Melbourne Water and the Retail water Companies that water volumes used for billing purpose are as accurate as practicable and within the requirements of the BWSA.

As flow measurements from these meters are used for billing purposes, accuracy was critical. The Bulk Water Supply Agreement (BWSA) between Melbourne Water and the Major Retailers to a target accuracy levels of no more than 1%.

Scope of Service

The scope of work comprised all activities required to upgrade fifteen flowmeters as detailed –

1. Obtain all required permits / approvals required for the works.

2. Procure, fabricate, assemble and deliver to site all pipework, fittings and associated instrumentation

3. Liaise with relevant Stakeholders to coordinate water main shutdowns.

4. Install the Mag Flo flowmeters, pipework, fittings, cathodic protection and associated instrumentation.

5. Decommission the existing flowmeters at Cardinia Reservoir and Greenvale Reservoir Outlet site and install new ultrasonics where required.

6. Liaise and co-ordinate works with WG PSN to enable programming of the PLC/SCADA connection.

8. Implement all environmental, safety and operational constraints (i.e. including a safety in design component, operational and environmental management plan within the design output).


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